Globestock Ltd Case Study from the SOLVD project

Mar 3, 2022

Globestock Limited are based in Oswestry and signed up with the SOLVD project where they got access to University Academics and Research Fellows.

Globestock Limited had a specific challenge to help convey product information, features user guides to the end user, which is currently confined to bland, static ‘tech spec’ documents and user guides. Globestock Limited retail their products through a network of approved UK distribution and hire companies, and their challenge is linked to providing interactive equipment demonstrations as a product training tool, as well as promotional tool.
The SOLVD project investigated the company’s existing product design (CAD) files, and undertook research to provide a series of recommendations for the creation of a web-based library of 360o visualisations of their product range, ultimately allowing the end user to understand more about the product’s design features.

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