First Case Study video from the SOLVD project

Feb 11, 2022

This is the first of three video case studies from the SOLVD project. Leon Cottell, Director of Severn Solutions Ltd, discusses working with the SOLVD project and how this helped his business. Severn Solutions Ltd sought support from the University of Wolverhampton SOLVD Project to build a new AI tool/algorithm that can create optimised schedules in order to optimise resource utilisation and minimise mileage, whilst ensuring that visits are completed within timescales in the most efficient way. An initial 12hr consultation with Severn Solutions Ltd confirmed the relevance and applicability of a heuristic-based algorithm approach to solve this large, multi-faceted scheduling problem. The SOLVD team concluded that an AI solution is technically feasible, subject to further development of the algorithm, combining ‘Neighbourhood Search’ and ‘Tabu search’ functionality to solve the scheduling problem.

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