Stage and Studio Services Ltd Case Study from SOLVD

Jan 20, 2022

STAGE AND STUDIO SERVICES LIMITED, (SASS), are based in Shropshire and signed up with the SOLVD project where they got access to University Academics and Research Fellows.

SASS has been collaborating with several local heritage museum trusts to enhance their current, static waxwork interpretations of Victoriana, bringing this to life through the use of animatronics to create more realistic, dynamic visualisations.
For maximum effect, these bespoke animatronics installations need to be integrated with an array of audio-visual effects, including sound effects, noise, simulated explosions, lighting effects, smoke, projections, etc.). SASS sought support from the SOLVD project to develop a software/hardware control system that can coordinate all of these elements in a time-bound or sequential manner. The SOLVD team undertook research into existing software/hardware, coding languages, applications and solutions required to implement such a system. Following a thorough review of the currently available state-of-the-art control platforms (such as FPGA, ASIC, Raspberry Pi and Arduino, etc) the SOLVD team recommended and carried out a comparison of possible solutions.

Have a read for yourself, Stage and Studio Services Ltd – University of Wolverhampton (, and get in tough to see if SOLVD can help your business too:

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