Telford Telserve partners with Google to deliver mobile data protection service

Oct 27, 2021

Digital communications specialist Telserve has partnered with multinational technology giant Google to offer a groundbreaking data protection service for businesses.

The company, which has its head office in Telford, is one of currently five providers based within the UK that are able to offer Android Enterprise Essentials, which supports businesses in simple management and remote protection of company owned devices and data.

The product, developed by Google, has been designed for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) to be able to manage and protect their data against cyberattacks. The mobile security service allows the business to remotely wipe lost or stolen devices, enforce a screen lock onto the phone, and ensure device encryption and malware protection. The Midlands-based company signed the partnership earlier this year, and said they were delighted to be working with such a high-profile brand and product, along with being able to make such a difference to smaller companies across the UK. Robb Parry Corporate Sales Director said: “Android Enterprise Essentials is a great asset for small businesses as it means they can now easily take more control of their mobile phones and potentially sensitive data. For example, if someone loses a phone or leaves a company, the details can be deleted quickly and efficiently from the device. All these features can also be applied automatically and are really simple to manage.” Telserve Managing Director Stuart Box added: “We really were delighted to be awarded this partnership earlier this year as I think it demonstrates that we are a small but dynamic company able to handle the volume of the launch of such a groundbreaking product. For us to also be able to help businesses of a similar size to ours is also an added bonus, and it’s a great product for us to be able to offer to our clients.”

Source: Shropshire Live