Telford’s Ghost Dog Films launch their new global interactive movie

Apr 19, 2021

Ghost Dog Films took up the challenge of creating an interactive film, where the player chooses different paths for the characters, which was launched today.

The cast includes Nicole O’Neill, who stared in Red Sparrow alongside Jennifer Lawrence.

The game has now been translated into 11 languages and launched on Playstation, Xbox and Nintendo for users to explore.

‘I Saw Black Clouds’ is the company’s third project since it launched in 2014. It is an interactive psychological thriller with supernatural elements and branching storylines.

Amanda Murray, producer at Ghost Dog Films, said the whole team had worked hard on the project and were excited the film was finally launching through publishers, Wales Interactive.

She spoke of the Shropshire locations used in filming: “When we are filming its good to have unusual places that haven’t really been seen on film before. Shropshire boasts some incredible places that look amazing on screen.

“We filmed at Clive Church, Lord Hill Column, the Alb, Lord Hill Hotel, Shelton Hospital – which still had some parts in it’s original state – and a number of private and historic homes in the county. It was about 20 locations in total.”

The writer and director of I Saw Black Clouds, Iain Ross-McNamee, was keen to move into games, Amanda said, so they brought their skills to a new level.

“Wales Interactive have been able to get us on Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo – which is very hard to do. It has just elevated what we do really,” she said.

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