The latest Case Study from the SOLVD project is for NextGenAgri

Nov 23, 2021

NextGenAgri Limited is a start-up based in Shropshire that focuses on enabling Agriculture to evolve through technology led innovation for business growth. NextGenAgri signed up to the SOLVD project to access Academic expertise from the University of Wolverhampton.

NextGenAgri Limited sought support to get a better understanding of the availability of industrialised and ruggedised devices, constraints for operation and communication, and the level of data collection for pre – cultivation, cultivation and post cultivation that are required to positively impact growth. The SOLVD team recommended the technology required for wireless connectivity to transfer sensors data from the fields to the network server. A work flow was also developed for a prediction model to explain how the collected satellite and sensors data (which includes weather forecast, temperature, moisture, soil PH etc), will be used for diagnostics and optimise crop cultivation.

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