Why Doesn’t the UK embrace Robotics as much as other nations? Telford’s Bauromat responds to the data

Apr 14, 2021

Late last year the International Federation for Robotics, the leading robotic process automation group, released the annual robotic density figures for 2019 and it made for grim reading for the UK market.

Bauromat UK Limited Managing Director John D’Angelillo also adds that the UK suffers from a more general ‘mentality’ problem when it comes to investment in new technologies.

“The number of times we hear ‘we’ve done it this way for so long, we don’t feel the need for change’, but if you’re not moving forward with technology you’re going to get left behind.

“We’re the nation of the industrial revolution, innovators on a global scale yet at this next advancement in technology we’re dragging our heels and remaining in the dark ages. There’s only one way to keep up, and that is automation”.

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